Monday, December 26, 2016

Crazy Faith Coffee Review.......

I received my delicious treat in the mail last Friday, a bag of Crazy Faith Coffee Co. courtesy of Family Christian. The aroma of this coffee is amazing! I couldn't quit smelling it. I immediately opened the package and brewed some of this awesome coffee. As I opened the package, I found a small foil wrapped package that had a small card in it.

It was a story about a couple who had 5 children and felt like God wanted them to also adopt. They adopted 3 more children and conceived a baby the same year bringing their total to nine. In the midst of all the craziness, they decided to start Crazy Faith Coffee Company.

Crazy Faith Coffee is not your run of the mill coffee. Each beautiful bag of coffee is freshly roasted, organic and fair trade and is also available in decaf. This coffee has become my new favorite. The adoption story of John and Josee Waller is so amazing and inspiring.

If you are wanting to try a new coffee or have a special friend that loves coffee, this is the one to try or give as a gift. You will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I received this free sample in exchange for my own personal opinion.