Monday, October 29, 2012


I don't know about your family but one of our goals as parents is for our children to have really good, wholesome books to read. BELOVED BOOKS and their Sugar Creek Gang Audiobook CD's are it. Beloved Books was created to offer book and audios to Christian families.

In the past, our family discovered Sugar Creek Gang on an inspirational cable channel and really enjoyed them. Since then, we cancelled cable and only had the physical books. I was very excited to be able to review the Sugar Creek Gang audio books.

Paul Hutchens began writing these wholesome, Christian books for boys and girls in 1939. These books are full of suspense and adventure.

How we used this product!!!
We listened to these CD's in our truck while we were running errands around town.
I think these stories are more appealing to boys than girls. My only boy would ask to listen to these every time we got into our vehicle. The girls, not as much. They enjoyed them but not as much as the boy. My two little bugs liked them but it didn't hold their attention. I would recommend them for ages 7 and up.
I really like this product. It is filled with lots of poetry, nature study, hymns and even science. The material in these exciting audios are presented in such a wonderful, godly manner. I am so thankful for having these little stories for our children to listen to and enjoy. These are wonderful CD's for the whole family to enjoy.

For this review, we were given the first six volumes of the Sugar Creek Gang audios. This set contains 12 CD's and six stories: The Swamp Robber, The Killer Bear, The Winter Rescue, The Lost Campers, Chicago Adventures and The Secret Hideout.

This set is available for $54.95 with free media rate postage.

You can purchase the first complete story, "Swamp Robber", for only $4.95 with free first class postage.

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Disclaimer: I received the Sugar Creek Gang Audiobooks, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion and review.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Schoolhouse Review: Samson's Classroom

SAMSON'S CLASSROOM is an online resource for K-5th grade that teaches sight words, spelling and reading comprehension.

There are three sections of games to Samson's Classroom.

SIGHT WORDS:   Sight words with Samson is proven to help early readers to master the 224 most commonly used words in the English language. The sight words are divided into lists that are taught in 5 steps.

Once they have finished all 5 exercises, they know the words.

SPELLING:   Spelling with Samson has over 5,000 words available. The teacher (parent) has the choice of creating their own lists or use one of the lists already included in the program. We have been using the ones provided.

My boy bug takes Tae Kwon Do, so his favorite part of the spelling is the missing letters part where Samson karate chops his way through the missing letters.

READING:   Reading with Samson gives students practice with their reading. My two bugs really liked this section a lot. There are so many different stories, very fun and engaging.

Again, my boy bug really enjoyed this. He asks me everyday if he can get on Samson's classroom. He will sit for the longest time and read these stories. He enjoys them so much that he started with the lowest level and is working towards finishing with the highest one. I am tickled pink that he is enjoying reading and spelling so much. You know it's a hit when they ask you if they can do something like this each and every day.

The swinging of the hammer was by far, the favorite! Everyone gathers around to see how many hammer points each one can get. This site is, and I quote, "TOTALLY AWESOME!!!"


I think, for the older bugs, it's a really good site for practice. For the little bugs, it will be a wonderful supplement to their phonics and language curriculum. I can see our family using this for a long time. As of right now, I have two bugs, ages 9 and 11, using this. They are really enjoying it. I highly recommend this site, especially for a child/children who enjoy online, educational games. This is great for daily work and for "busy work" when I need to help another bug and give them my undivided attention.

You can purchase Samson's Classroom for 1 student for $30/year or $50/year for up to 4 users. They have several different pricing plans.

We were given a family membership for this review.

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Disclaimer: I received a family membership to Samson's classroom, free,  in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


As a member of the Schoolhouse Review crew, we were blessed with a product from Abingdon Press to review. They began publishing a wide variety of high-caliber academic, professional, inspirational and life-affirming religious literature in the early 1920's. Abingdon Press has committed to providing the most effective religious publications available.

For this review, I received the Common English Deep Blue Kids Bible. It comes in 5 cover choices:

                    3-D Hardcover
                    Image-Flex Cover
                    DecoTone Midnight Splash
                    DecoTone White Splash
                    Imitation Leather in Burgundy

We received the "Image Flex" cover for our review. We really enjoy the flexibility and durability of this bible.

We as a family really enjoy reviewing and using all different kinds of bibles and bible translations. In our home, we mostly use the KJV(King James Version) and the NIV(New International Version). I was pleasantly surprised with this version. I feel children can understand this version quite well. We love our KJV bibles but often the bugs, and myself included, will not always understand what we have read or want to understand it more. With the CEB version, we would look up the same passage we read in the KJV and have a better understanding of the Word!

Here is a passage from Philippians 4:13 in the KJV bible: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Here is the same passage in the CEB version: I can endure all these things through the power of the one who gives me strength.

So you can see how a child might understand the CEB version better. This bible is recommended for ages 7-12.

Some other features include:

                      4-color throughout
                      Presentation Page
                      In-text subject headings
                      Bible dictionary
                      Eight full color maps from National Geographic
                      9-point type

We loved the three little characters in this bible. The Deep Blue Crew includes Asia, Edgar and Kat. They will teach and help your children discover and explore the bible in a fun, exciting way.

One of the many features I enjoyed about this bible is at the beginning of each book of the bible. There are sections that include: things you'll discover, people you'll meet, places you'll go and words you'll remember. We recently studied about Esther and read many passages from the book of Esther. Under each of these headings, it tells us about the things we will discover in the book, people we will learn about, words we will remember and my favorite, places we will go. In the book of Esther, they refer to Persia and under this heading, it tells us that Persia is present-day Iran. Just another fun way to learn with this bible. So many things we are learning that we never knew before until now.

My family and I have really enjoyed this bible and look forward to using it everyday in our homeschool. Overall, I am very impressed with this little bible. In my opinion, this is a great study bible for all ages. I am seriously thinking about ordering the Learning To Use My Bible Class Pak and Teacher Guide.

To check out the Deep Blue Kids Bible, go to

The price for the Image-Flex cover bible is $26.99. You can go here to see resources, where to buy, videos and a sample of this bible.

You can also go here to purchase this lovely bible!

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Disclaimer: As a member of TOS, I received this bible, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beeyoutiful - Schoolhouse Crew Review

BEEYOUTIFUL is a Christian company that believes that we as individuals are responsible for our own health. Their goal is to carry natural products and to eventually carry every one they use as a family. Stephanie Tallent, a certified nutritionist, runs this wonderful, natural wellness company with her husband.

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was lucky enough to review some of their products. This is the package I received for this review:

It had four of their products in it with a very helpful DVD.

BERRY WELL - 8fl. oz. for $19.75, is an immune booster that fights flu, cold, bacterial and viral symptoms. Not only does this fight these but at the same time builds up your immune system. This is an elderberry syrup made from organic purple elderberries. It also contains raw honey, organic echinacea root, organic apple cider vinegar, propolis extract and 2% pure grain alcohol. It can be taken regularly as a preventative or taken at the first sign of a cold or flu. My plan is to use this when my boy bug comes down with tonsillitis. We battle this about every other month. I feel this will help his condition and will be a staple in our home.

LIP BALM - $3. I love this lip balm. I received the orange flavor. I use this everyday. It has a wonderful consistency. Lots of all-natural lip balms, in my opinion, are hard. This one is just right. They are available in orange and peppermint. I use it alone and under my lip gloss. It keeps our lips very moist and prevents chapping.

MIRACLE SKIN SALVE - 2 oz. for $15, 4 oz. for $25. I can't say enough about this salve. Of all the products, we used this one the most. From cuts, ant bites, rashes to minor burns and skin irritations, we used it for everything. The ingredients in this salve are wonderful. Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, organic plantain leaf, organic comfrey root, organic calendula flowers, propolis, lavendar essential oil and rosemary essential oil. This salve can be used for any kind of skin irritation or injury. It is wonderful. Everytime one of my bugs get an ant bite, they ask for the miracle salve. Just today, my red bug started using it for the dryness under and around her eyes. She has etopic dermatitis and I am hoping this salve will be our "MIRACLE"! I highly recommend this product.

OW!-EASE - Arnica Trauma Salve - 1 oz. for $15. This relieves pain and effectively helps reduce swelling and muscle pain associated with bruises, contusions, sprains, pulled ligaments and muscles. With a 3 and 5 year old around the house, you can imagine how many times we have used this. Everytime I turn around, one or both of them have some kind of bruise. We used this on every bruise and I really believe in its healing properties. Because it contains Arnica flower, it is not safe for internal use, so it is not to be used orally or on broken skin. Some of the other ingredients are extra virgin olive oil infused with chamomile, organic calendula, organic St. John's Wort, cayenne, coconut oil, beeswax, lavendar essential oil and rosemary essential oil.

We also received the Beeyoutiful Views DVD with Stephanie Tallent - $3. She talks about many of the products they offer and how she uses them with her own family. There is also a How-To section. I found this section very helpful. The bugs and I watched this video together and learned many things from it. One of the things we are wanting to try is the activated charcoal facial. Another section is the Healthy Pregnancy section. It gives you information on the specific products they carry that can be used if you are expecting.

I highly recommend Beeyoutiful products and encourage you to check out their website.

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Disclaimer: As a TOS crew member, I received these products, in exchange for my honest opinion and review.