Monday, June 4, 2012

little things going on around the homestead

Each and every night I think and plan for the next day. What needs to be done! The bugs and I are staying very busy these days. Our summers are always busy. Here are our plans for the week:

~~~Monday night: our boy bug had his Tae Kwon Do testing. He becomes a blue belt Thursday night! We are so proud!
~~~Tuesday: more canning. We have made two batches of Lime Pickles and one batch of Bread & Butter pickles. We will be canning Sweet Pickle relish today.
~~~Wednesday: Music lessons for the two older girls.
~~~Thursday: More canning and boy bugs TKD awards ceremony.
~~~Friday: Music Recital
~~~Saturday: Weeding the garden and more canning!
~~~Sunday: Church and REST!!!

I was also thinking of things that the bugs and I would like to do that doesn't require work. Things that we need to take time for and enjoy together.

*Go to the peach orchard right down the road from us and pick some delicious peaches!
*Go to the creek and enjoy cold water, sandy toes and ice cold lemonade!
*Take a vote on what animal we want to do a unit study on! We REALLY enjoy our unit studies on animals!
*Eat lots of homemade Popsicles and homemade fudge pops!
*Watch the bugs run through the sprinklers while I am in the garden!
*Bake some yummy bread and healthy treats together!
*Take time to always have family worship, singing and giving praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Family is the most important thing! I was reading my good friends blog and was inspired to remember how important it is not to "blink"! You might just miss your babies growing! Thanks, Jennifer

God Bless!


  1. I love the diversity of your posts and the reflection of your faith in your writing about homeschooling and family. I am delighted to have you following "Living Faith on Higher Ground". I hope you enjoy reading of the joys and frights of caring for my aged parents. Even though the ages of those we care for are very different, it is great to know we share the same strength from our faith.I look forward to reading your responses to my blog posts.