Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to "roast" your pumpkin in your crockpot....

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch and all the bugs bring home a pumpkin to paint and eventually cook.
We have always liked to roast our pumpkins in the oven for using in pies, pastries, chocolate chip pumpkin bread (which happen to be my families favorite!) and other yummy recipes calling for pureed pumpkin. After seeing numerous posts about roasting a pumpkin in a crock pot, I decided to try it. It works great!
Here's the full instructions below!
1) 1 pumpkin (if wanting to roast whole, use a pie pumpkin) ours was too big, so I cut it into a few large pieces.

2) I took the seeds out of mine, but you don't have to.

3) Put the pieces into your crock pot with 1 cup of water and cook on low for 6-8 hours or until soft.

4) Here you go, beautifully cooked pumpkin! Now, scoop out the  cooked pulp and puree in the food processor until completely smooth.

5) It should look like this right out of your processor. Enjoy!

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