Friday, December 2, 2011


Here is our Christmas tree for this year. The picture does not show the real beauty of it. We have so many ornaments that we have collected over the years. It is so much fun to get out the ornaments and reminisce about them. Each of our bugs have the own "First Christmas" ornaments. They always get to hang their own ornament along with asking many questions about when they were born. One tradition in our home is to put up our tree on Thanksgiving night. It is so much fun for us putting up our tree and enjoying it for quite a while. Taking it down is another story!


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  1. Beautiful!
    Each of our children have their first Christmas ornaments and other special ornaments they hang themselves too. Decorating the tree almost becomes a trip down memory lane!
    I emailed you a week or so ago about San Antonio and scrapbooking supplies - don't know if you got it. let me know and I'll send it again - My email is becauseofourchildren (at) gmail (dot) com