Thursday, April 19, 2012

Math Lessons for a Living Education

   I have been homeschooling for almost seven years now. When we first started homeschooling, I knew nothing. I thought I would need to purchase really expensive curriculum and alot of it to be successful. I thought the textbook approach was the way to go. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against it, it just doesn't work for us. After almost seven years, I decided to school the bugs using the Charlotte Mason Style. We jumped into it this year and never looked back.

   One of the books I am using with my nine year old son is a book entitled, "Math Lessons for a Living Education" by Angela O'Dell and Kyrsten Carlson. We are currently doing book 2. My son loves this book. It is such a fun book that when I am reading the little story each day to him, all of the bugs stop what they are doing and listen in. We all enjoy this book. 


     Follow along with Charlie, Charlotte and new baby sister, Ella, as they learn about the wonderful world around them. In this volume, the twins discover the value of money, higher place value, adding and subtracting larger numbers, fractions, time, measurements and much more. Throughout the book, they discover the joy of giving and praying for those less fortunate than themselves. Seasons of the year, nature tidbits and exciting hands-on projects will invite children to dive in and enjoy learning. Childhood is so short and only comes once - why not enjoy the trip?

   Math Lessons for a Living Education is available through Queen Homeschool Supplies for $39.95. They also have Book 1 and Book 3 available. This is a 326 page consumable, spiral-bound book that lays flat so that a right or left handed student can use it. It also comes complete with cut-out manipulatives. Everything you need to teach a complete year of math. 36 weeks worth of lessons!

   I highly recommend this book. I have quite a few friends that were wanting to learn a little about this book. All opinions are my own and this review was completely done to help some friends!

God Bless!

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