Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what you might want to bring to a homeschool conference


  In less than three weeks, we will be attending our local homeschool conference. This is our third year of attending. We went to the Mid-South Homeschool Convention last year in Memphis, TN. That convention is alot bigger than our local one. For some of you, it might be your first time to attend a convention, so I wanted to share a few things I have learned and what you should bring along with you.
     It may vary depending on how many go with you. Our whole family of 7 goes together and so we have to take lots of things with us. Here are some things I take along:

Comfortable Clothing: You will do lots of walking and squatting. Make sure you dress appropriately. 

Snacks: (Especially for the kiddos!)  You don't want to buy food and drinks at the conference. Plan ahead! Bottled water, homemade granola bars and fruit are just a few of the things we bring.

Green Bags (Backpack): The older girls and I sew some cute little carry bags together last year for the Memphis conference to keep all the books and flyers, etc. in while we walked and visited each and every booth. A backpack or one with wheels would also work very well.

Cash: Bring cash. Stay on a budget. It is real easy to spend, spend, spend! Cash works much better than a debit or credit card. It is much easier to stay on budget using cash because you can plan ahead on what your budget will be and be able to stick to it.

Book List along with a notebook and pen: It is always helpful to make list. Each year, I put together a folder with the schedule for the convention. You can go to your website from your local group and print it. I also put together a list of books and curriculum that I am interested. It is so easy to forget what you wanted to look at when there are so many different vendors there. The schedule helps me decide and remember what workshops we want to attend. Sometimes there are two sessions going on at the same time that you wanted to see but had to miss one for the other. Most of the time at these conventions  you can purchase CD's for the sessions you missed. Look for them, they are great!

     I hope I have helped anyone that might be attending a homeschool convention for the first time or just needed a little reminder!

     Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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