Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apologia: Who is My Neighbor? Review

I had the pleasure to review Apologia: Who is My Neighbor? series. This is the newest book in their What We Believe Series. There are 3 books in the series:

                    'Who Is God?'
                    'Who Am I?'
                    'Who Is My Neighbor?'

Each book in the series is meant to stand on its own. You don't have to use the other books in the series to use Who Is My Neighbor?.

For the purpose of this review I received the student textbook, the notebooking journal and the coloring book for the series. The recommended age for this curriculum is 6 - 14 years old. The series can be used as a multi-grade curriculum which works very well for us. We are big fans of doing as much school together as possible.

Who is My Neighbor?         Who Is My Neighbor? Notebooking Journal      Who Is My Neighbor? Coloring Book

The books have very nice pictures in them and the text is suitable for all ages, including adults. I am enjoying it as much as the bugs. An older student can read it themselves or to younger ones. The student textbook can be used alone. The notebooking journal and coloring book is not necessary, although we are enjoying all of them.

How we use it:

I have been reading aloud to my bugs and we are really enjoying this series. We are using this as our bible in school right now. Everyone has really been interested in the Chang family as they escape from China and flee to America. This series is about servanthood and how to teach how important it is to help each other.

There is a sample lesson plan in the textbook that is based on a schedule of 3 weeks per lesson, two days per week or a daily lesson plan in the journal. We are using the one in the journal although I have been spreading the reading out a little because I feel it works better to cover a little less material each day. Especially with little ones.

My thoughts:

I love this curriculum! The bugs and I are really enjoying the stories in this book. I really like the fact that I can use the curricula with all of my bugs even though I have a wide range of ages. I feel it is priced accordingly to the material it provides.

The accompanying notebook journal in my opinion is wonderful. It has room to answer questions, to use for copywork for bible verses and prayers and also numerous pages with crossword puzzles and word lists.

The coloring book is very nice and can be used by the younger children to reinforce the lessons. I use coloring sheets with my little bugs while I read aloud to my older ones. The coloring sheets are so nice and detailed in this book even my older ones wanted to color.

How to get the series:

Disclaimer: As a TOS crew member, I received Apologia: Who Is My Neighbor? series free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review!

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