Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TOS Review: Lone Star Learning

I was really excited to be able to review the Science Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 cards from Lone Star Learning. I had kinda got away from vocabulary and spelling in our homeschool for a while now. I have been wanting  to re-incorporate it back into our school routine. When this came up for review, I jumped at the chance.

When I received these cards, I could not believe how nice they were. Each set contains 40 cards and are available in 5.5" X 8.5". full, color-coated cards. They show the word and its meaning in picture form.

We use these cards once a week, sometimes two, if the words are more of the easier ones. I give the bugs, 15, 11 and 10 year olds, two words a week to learn to spell correctly and to learn the meaning. I bought each one of them small notebooks to use with these cards. They are required to write all of their information in their notebooks so they can study them and learn them. When I flash the words to them, I expect them to know how to say the word, spell it and give the correct meaning.

There are so many ways to use these cards. We are using them for spelling, vocabulary and as flashcards. We are really enjoying these cards. Each set comes with a definition sheet. We are using it instead of a dictionary.

Here is a list from the Science Vocabulary Pictures, set 1:

blizzard, carnivore, Celsius, condensation, conductor, conglomerate, conifer, deciduous, evaporation, fall, fern, fibrous root, flood, friction, gear, gravity, herbivore, igneous, inclined plane, inherited, lever, fulcrum, load, magnetic, mammal, metamorphic, moss, permeable, precipitation, pulley, reptile, sedimentary, spring, stretch, summer, symmetry, taproot, turn, wedge, wheel, winter

I also received, by accident, the Target Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1. We haven't started this set yet, but are looking forward to them once we finish the science set. Lone Star Learning was gracious enough to let us keep both sets to review. How nice is that!!!

The Science Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 is $29.99.

The Target Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 is $29.99.

I highly recommend these vocabulary cards. They are really nice, high-quality cards that can be used in so many ways. The colors are amazing!

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