Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wild Cherry Bark Syrup

As you know, I doctor my family using herbal remedies as much as I can before we go to doctors. I am all for going to the doctor when it is necessary but if it is something that I can cure or make better with herbs, that's the way we roll.

I have many herbal books I use on a daily basis but the one I go to the most often is Be Your Own "Doctor" by Rachel Weaver M.H.

Be Your Own Doctor.

Recently, my oldest bug came down with a nasty cold. She began with a stuffy nose and sinus pressure and then ended up with a cough. I decided to do the herbal treatment we used the last time she came down with this.

For her age and weight, she was to take 1000 mg vitamin C, 2 droppers of echinacea tincture, Garlic salve rubbed on chest and fresh garlic and 1 cup of respiratory tea (2 parts peppermint, 1 part oregano, 1/2 part echinacea, 1/2 part mullein and 1/2 part comfrey leaf), every hour when awake. I made a mullein tincture a while back, so instead of using mullein in her tea, she took 2 droppers of mullein with the echinacea tincture.

This is a real aggressive herbal treatment, and done so immediately, you will not have a really sick child.

I also found in this book how to make a Wild Cherry Cough Syrup. I just purchased Wild Cherry Bark from my favorite bulk herb store, www.bulkherbstore.com, so I figured what better time to make this than right now!

This is one of the simplest ways to stop a cough.

Recipe from the book:

Fill a quart jar with shredded wild cherry bark. Fill it again with vodka or brandy. Do not worry about the alcohol. You will distill almost, if not all of it, when you simmer this mix with honey. Anyway - most over the counter cough syrups have at least 5-7% alcohol, nighttime syrups have 15-20% and so do most asthma medicines. This will have less. Let it set for three weeks. Then strain it in a kettle and add the same amount of honey. Heat until the honey is melted and then simmer about five minutes.
Here it is in a mason jar when it is complete and ready to use. I will store it in an amber bottle in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and good.

She is on the mend and feeling better. I really believe God give us these wonderful herbs for us to use, and everyday I realize that our Creator placed all of these wonderful things in our world for us to learn from and use for the healing of our families.

Here is a link for this wonderful book. I highly recommend it. It has been a life saver in our home. I hope if you decide to purchase and use it, it will be a blessing to you and your family like it has for mine.

God bless!

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