Thursday, November 8, 2012

Growing Up Wild (Schoolhouse Review)

Growing Up Wild is a DVD collection featuring the adventures of the Wild brothers: Morgan, Hudson, Kian and Asher, along with Mike and Libby (Mom and Dad). These DVDs take you into the lives of this missionary family living in the jungles of Papua, Indonesia.

They share their life and lots of experiences in the jungle through these DVDs. They share about the Wano culture, which are the tribal people they live around. They are there to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with these people.

For this review, we had the opportunity to review two of their DVDs.

In Volume 1, we see how they live and gather their supplies that are needed on a daily basis. It was also fun to see how this family has fully adapted to the culture over there. From the foods they eat down to how they made their indoor plumbing using water brought into their home through a hose that runs from a spring at the top of a mountain. It is fascinating.

In this DVD, Volume 2, we get to see the tribe that the Wild family lives among. They share their different traditions and tribal beliefs. The Wild children also participate in a tribal piercing! The jungle they live in is such a beautiful place.

We love this series. Each volume features three 15-minute episodes with an activity guide for each. The activity guide includes suggested field trips, science projects, bible scripture and activities.

We as a family thought these DVDs were amazing. It gives you an inside look at how they live each day, doing missionary work, in Indonesia. Awesome! I would highly recommend this DVD series to anyone who wants to see what its like living in the jungles of Indonesia. If you would like your children to get a glimpse into another culture, these DVDs are for you.

Each Growing Up Wild DVD sells for $18.99 or you can save 15% when you purchase the whole set for $80.99. These DVDs are intended to be used with children ages 5-12, but anyone will enjoy them!

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Disclaimer: I received two DVDs as part of the TOS crew, in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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