Thursday, August 9, 2012

Math Made Easy Review

As a Schoolhouse review crew member, I had the opportunity to review Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy from MATH MADE EASY. It was written by Glenda Brown James for the purpose of teaching you child to master their multiplication facts in just six short weeks.  The elimination of early learning of 0's, 1's, 10's and 11's narrows the math facts down to only 36 facts to be learned. These facts are divided into 6 weeks of study, introducing six facts per week.

The book is a spiral-bound workbook that consist of three different parts: worksheets, games and flashcards. There are three lesson plans in the front of the book, a multiplication pre-test and a multiplication post-test. The weekly guide sheet lists the six facts by week.

There are five worksheets to be completed per week, one for each day. There are also multiplication reviews for each week.  Through this review, we learned that this book is reproductible for the use within the immediate family. A big plus for large families!

Also included are three games that are to be used to reinforce the facts your child/children are learning. Two of the three games recommend laminating certain parts. I don't have a laminating machine but I have a friend who suggested using clear contact paper. It worked like a charm! AND, there are perforated fact cards labeled by the week in the back. I also used the contact paper on these.

How we used the product and our thoughts:

I had my 11 year old bug use this every day, the way it is recommended and the first thing she said to me was, "Mom, this is by far the best math book ever to learn my facts with." I was soooo excited and relieved. It is definitely a new way to learn and teach old subject. She has been enjoying and eager to see what each day holds. The worksheets are very fun and at the same time, educational. I highly recommend this product for learning your multiplication facts.  She is learning her facts and enjoying it at the same time. JOY!

Pricing and other products:

The Homeschool Multiplication Package can be purchased for $24.95.

They also have a Homeschool Addition Package for $24.95. I will definitely purchase this for my upcoming Preschool and Kindergarten bugs.

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Disclaimer: I received Math Made Easy - Multiplication free, in return for my honest opinion and review.

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