Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a little behind.......

Well, as you can see, we are a little behind on our Advent ornaments.

First, here are a few pictures of our Advent ornament garland.

So far, we have done Day 1 and Day 2 and worked on Day 3 today. We will finish Day 3 and Day 4 tomorrow.

Day 1 we made an Advent chain.

Macy bug is holding our chain and as you can see, there is a star at the top that reads:

One Christmas night, so long age
A star shone down so all would know
That in a manger, on that night
A Savior was born, our guiding light!

Now Christmas time is almost here
A very special time of year
When everyone anticipates
That night we can celebrate!

As you remove a link each night
Remember the star that shone so bright
And told the world of Jesus' birth
The Son of God, here on earth!!!

I found this little craft on  a website I found off of Confessions of a Homeschooler website. I , for the life of me, can not remember it right now but when I do, I promise I will share it with you.

Day 2 we made paper snowflakes. We have decided to only put our homemade ornaments on the tree this year. Here are a few we made:

As you can see in this picture, we have two proud little artists!

Day 3 we made Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments and as I type, they are drying, so I will have to do Day 3 and 4 together tomorrow!

For Day 4 we will be making reindeer ornaments.

We are having so much fun doing this and I think our tree with our homemade ornaments will be our best Christmas tree to date!!!


  1. I love the idea of only putting on homemade ornaments! Your little artists did a wonderful job!!! have a great day :)

  2. What fun! Your house looks so festive with all of the ornaments and lights.

  3. Love it! So each idea is in the cards on the advent garland?

  4. Yes, I found this cute idea on Confessions of a Homeschooler and she provided this free download of the ornaments. I used some of her ideas and some of my own.

  5. Cool;) I seem to have forgotten to get ours done this year...

    Lizzie TOS Crew

  6. Wow! That sounds fun but like a lot of work, too. ;)
    Stopping by from the Crew and now following your blog.