Saturday, December 1, 2012

suppose to be my first day of Advent?!?!

Well, as you can see, what I planned for today did not happen. First, I just bought a new camera and have no idea how to use it. I did figure out enough to take a few pictures but my computer doesn't want to cooperate! I sat down tonight to get the pictures off of my SD card and was not successful. So, after church tomorrow I will be working on getting all of that fixed.

On top of not accomplishing what I wanted with our Advent ornaments, we spent most of  the day going to get two milk goats that a family so graciously gave us. I have been wanting milking goats for a little while now and when this opportunity came up, we couldn't pass it up. I am going to try to take some pictures tomorrow and hopefully will be able to post them with no problem in the next few days.

Wish me luck and maybe by this time tomorrow night, I will have everything up and running!!!!

God Bless!

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