Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Oregon Trail & The Pony Express DVD Review from Marshall Publishing

Recently, my family and I reviewed the DVD, The History of The Oregon Trail & The Pony Express.

About the DVD: (from the back)

The Oregon Trail -
     The reasons for going....the hauntingly beautiful landscape....the rivers they followed and crossed....the joys and hardships....and the elation and the dissension as described in immigrants diaries....all come to life in this detailed account of America's longest and most famous pioneer trail.

The Pony Express -
     Glossed over by all of the adventure and romance attached to it, most people don't realize the Pony Express lasted only 19 months. It was a grand gamble that eventually led to the bankruptcy of the three men who started it. Yet, during it's brief life span, it caught the attention of Americans, made a legend of the riders and provided a vital link between California and the Northern states at the onset of the Civil War.

There is also a free study guide that follows the description of the programs on their website. This DVD seemed very dated which is a plus for me. You felt like you were back in the day with these people, which is very intriguing. We learned so much from this video. The many hardships and deaths and how difficult it must have been to travel over 2,000 miles on this trail. The DVD, to me, did a really good job of showing the many details of the Oregon Trail.

The Pony Express was short but we learned things we didn't know. For instance, how the Pony Express went bankrupt. Also, how difficult it was to deliver mail back then and how long it took to deliver these pieces.

We decided to find a map and map out the Oregon Trail. It was fun. We love MAPS!

Marshall Publishing has an array of DVDs. Trains, cars, planes and animals are just some of the DVDs they offer.

Some other historical DVDs they offer:

~~~~~~~The Historic Expedition of Lewis and Clark
~~~~~~~Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Battle and the Address
~~~~~~~George Washington Carver: His Life and His Work
~~~~~~~The History of America in the 1880s

These are just a few of what they offer. Visit Marshall Publishing to see their complete collection.

Each of their historical DVDs retail for $24.95, but now through a Web sale, they are $19.95 and if you use this code TOS27, they are offering free shipping.

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Disclaimer: I received The History of the Oregon Trail & The Pony Express free, to use in our homeschool, in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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