Friday, September 28, 2012

Music Together Crew Review

We as a family love listening to different kinds of music and audio books when we are in our vehicle. So when Music Together came up for review, I jumped at the chance.

MUSIC TOGETHER is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for many ages, even adults who enjoy learning and having fun with children.

What make this program so much fun, in my opinion, are the musical instruments that they recommend you use. Egg shakers, rhythm sticks, play-along instruments(tambourines, maracas, jingle sticks, just to name a few), scarves, drums and others.

The Songbook for Teachers was very helpful. It is divided into three sections:

     The opening section discusses the fundamentals of the Music Together approach. It includes an introduction to the Music Together philosophy, discussion of types of songs and activities, how to work with instruments and props and classroom adaptation for children with special needs.

     The middle section is pretty much the bulk of the book. It contains the 19 songs on the Music Together Family Favorites CD. Each song is followed by "teacher pages" that are organized in four different groups:

          ~all ages and setting
          ~preschoolers and older children
          ~children with special needs

     The final section contains information about the program, how you can become involved with its licensed applications, a glossary and a guitar reference chart.

I would have to say the 90% of our listening to this CD was done in our vehicle. We enjoy listening and singing together as we run errands. I think after listening to the CD all the way through a few times, our favorites would have to be "Ridin' in the Car", "Playin' in the Kitchen", "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and "Goodbye, So Long, Farewell".

The song "Ridin' in the Car" , I think is my 3 year old bugs favorite one. I would look through my rear view mirror at her while listening to this song and she was having such a good time with the song, pretending to drive the car!

Just the other night, in the kitchen, the bugs wanted to listen to the CD so I popped it in the player and turned on the song "Playin' in the Kitchen". I think we listened to this song five or six times in a row while the little bugs got out some pots, pans and large utensils and played with them as if they were playing drums. As you can imagine, it was a very entertaining and LOUD night!

I really enjoyed Music Together with my bugs and if you think you would enjoy it to, go to You can listen to the songs on the "Family Favorites" CD. You can also buy digital downloads of the album and songs on the web page.

Music Together Family Favorites CD and Songbook Combo (K0227) is available here for a special price of $39.95, instead of buying the CD and songbook separately (saving $5). If you decide to purchase the combo, you can enter the coupon code "Schoolhouse" at check-out in the Music Together store and save an additional $2. In my opinion this is a very fun program that will get you involved and having fun with your children.

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Disclaimer: I received the songbook and CD combo free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review.


  1. We reviewed this program, too. It was a lot of fun for our family. Driving in the Car and the Kitchen song were favorites of ours as well. ~ Stopping by from the Crew =)

  2. We reviewed this program as well and my kids loved it!! My son would walk around singing She Sells Seashells By The Sea Shore, so cute :) Stopping over from the crew!! Have a great week!!